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Hearthstone is back with it's CHOOSE YOUR CHAMPION promotion. If this is your first time hearing about this here is the sum. Choose an eSport player and you get free packs based on how your champion does in the upcoming tournament. Most players just choose a champion based on a silly name or where the nation is but let me break it down into the four most likely players to win the Spring Championship.

4. Hoej- Europe ends up taking two of my top four spots with the first being Hoej. Hoej has been a solid performer for many years. He recently won the Gamers Origin Hearthstone Challenge and came in first at a tough European Spring Championships. He's on fire and I don't think that the puck stops here. I think he's going to make it to the top four and punch a ticket to the Hearthstone World Championships but I don't think he makes it to the championship.

3. Kranich- The only Korean player to make this list. It amazes me how so many people told me "I voted for the first Korean I saw because they are just good at video games." Mild racism aside Korean's don't truly dominate Hearthstone in the same fashion that they might dominate at StarCraft or Warcraft. The exception to this rule is Kranich. Kranich is an incredible player. Kranich has made the World Championship in both 2015 and 2014 and I think he makes it back to the World Championships this year. He hasn't had a good tournament win since 2016 but he's played well. He may have finished fourth at the Asia-Pacific tournament but I've got faith. He's going pretty agro heavy with Token Druid, Secret Mage, and Murloc Paladin but finishing off with Quest Rogue to take care of any control on the board.

2. Neirea- Our second Euoropean Neira is a powerhouse. His name seems to appear in almost every tournament list. He has yet to win a big tournament which in my opinion means he's due. The law of averages comes into play here. How many times can a good player make it to the big stage and fall down... hopefully not this time. Neirea is going heavy control so it does depend a lot on his matchups and he's got to get out of the group containing my favorite to win it all but he can do it. Neirea is one of the few people who brought taunt warrior and it could mean either beautiful things or his complete demise.

1. Muzzy- Speaking of players who have made it to the top a million times only to fall back down... MUZZY. Muzzy is going to win. If you watch how Muzzy analyzes the game he just gets the meta more than almost any other player. He's bringing an anti-agro deck in token shaman and an anti-control deck with Jade Druid so he's ready for anything. He can ban out Quest Rogue meaning he won't have any truly horrific matchups. He's one of the few people who didn't bring Quest Rogue so his opponents will have to think about which decks they can handle. The only question to me is can he make it out of his bracket. He's facing almost exclusively agro and his Jade Druid deck might struggle until later rounds where he can take down some burn mages and quest warriors.

You can see a complete list of the decks being used in the tournament here.

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