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Top 10 Most Broken Overwatch Heroes

We all have that one character (or, you know, most of the character roster) that we just hate to see on the enemy team and some are worse than others. Whether is't simply an annoying move-set or the E-tilt caused by unneeded buffs or unwanted nerfs, some heroes are just a pain to face off against; no matter who you play to combat them in return. Here's the tip 10 worst Overwatch heroes, starting with the most "broken." Trust me though, this list doesn't get any less annoying and I'm sure just thinking about some of these characters will cause some serious Gamer PTSD.

1. Mei

Some of you may disagree with me for putting Mei at the tippy-top of this "broken" character list, but hear me out. Mei is a character that many players dread having within 50 meters of them in game. Just with her primary shot she can slow on contact and freeze/stun an opponent in less than 2 seconds which offers her a free, close-range headshot with her secondary icicle shot which kills most squishy heroes and low-health tanks. She has a wall that is impenetrable by even's Self-destruct, and her Cryo Freeze makes her un-targetable and heals her for more than half her health if left at full duration while shutting down most close range attacks and other immobilizing abilities of other heroes. The radius on her ultimate, Blizzard, is insane and not only damages you for the duration, but also stuns you for at least 3 seconds allowing Mei the opportunity for some more Icicle headshots if you weren't finished off by her teammates while immobile. She can also continuously freeze/stun people even after they recover from the initial attack; all she has to do is reload. Need I say more?

2. Zarya

If it isn't obvious to you why Zarya is up at #2 on this list, let me make it clear for you. We all know that she gains a charge on her weapon which increases her damage when she, or a shielded ally, take damage from an opponent. The primary shot from her Particle Canon already does 95 base damage and the charge increases that damage by 1% for every charge she receives (which can boost her damage output by 100% when at full charge, I might add). I would say that Zarya was fairly balanced if it weren't for the range on her supposed "short ranged" particle laser. It's supposed to only have a range of 16 meters, but I beg to differ. At full charge, Zarya can shred a Roadhog at full health, with armor, from a distance in seconds.

3. Tracer

Blizzard seems to love their iconic Overwatch hero. Since the game came out she hasn't been touched in terms of nerfs or buffs, but that's because she's already so broken. Tracer has super high DPS for how little damage she's supposed to output, she is ridiculously fast compared to every other character in the game, her Rewind is a safe option for her always that literally turns back time and returns lost health if used appropriately and can save her from certain death, her reload speed is insanely quick, she doesn't call out when she uses her Pulse Bomb, and her Blink goes for days. On top of being nearly impossible to catch she shreds tanks who are supposed to be a challenge to target.

4. Soldier: 76

Aim-bot. Need I say more. His ultimate makes him ensures him free kills just by holding the trigger and is a magnet to enemy heroes not only for his bullets, but for his Helix Rockets as well. His Heavy Pulse Rifle has a ridiculous fire speed and an even quicker reload speed. Coupled with his Biotic Field and his Sprint, he's almost more annoying than Tracer.

5. Symmetra

Since Symmetra's changes in previous patches, she's become more of a defender class than a support hero. Yes, she still has her Teleporter and Shield Generator, no, she can't shield individuals anymore, but now her Photon Projector is a product of a player's worst nightmares. Not only does it gain a charge in damage over time while connected to an enemy hero, but it can stay connected around corners, through walls, and even at a distance (despite being classified as a short range weapon). She's a character I love and hate (Love to play, hate to play against).

6. Reaper

Reaper is another one of those characters players just innately fear. Even at long range his Hellfire Shotguns can reach you while still doing considerable damage, at close range he can two-shot Roadhog and at full health, and his reload (well, not really. He's just grabbing more guns from...somewhere?) can be cheated with a quick melee attack to cancel out the animation. The only reason he's lower on this list is because his only real mobility is out of combat, so he can't hurt you while he's in his Wraith Form or Shadow Step, but he can still heal. His Death Blossom triggers me so hard because unless you get lucky enough to hide behind a tank or pop a Zenyatta ultimate, you're screwed.


This lovable little tank dropped on this list after her latest nerf which made her more of a strategic tank to play, but she's still broken as hell. Her Fusion Canons now do more consistent damage, even at long range. Defense Matrix is still one of the best defensive abilities in the game (and I hear that they're talking about buffing it a little on the PTR right now) since it blocks projectiles from every direction (except behind her) while it's up. The mobility that her Boosters offer can be scary for squishies and supports by doing a 25 damage knock-back, and I don't think I need to talk about her Self-Destruct (1000 damage is impossible for any hero to survive head-on). She's a little bit safer to play now, but if you're an attacker, she offers the protection and harassment to keep you away from her support.

8. Roadhog

Poor Roadhog (another nerf is floating around the PTR right now, but I honestly hope he'll stay pretty broken). Well, Roadhog is that "One hook, one Shot, one Kill" guy that's always nice to have on your team. He's great at single targeting and if you have a Roadhog following you and you're might want to say your prayers. They've made his Hook more precise, which makes him more of a challenge to play, but I also think it makes him more honest. Much more satisfying to hook someone you actually aimed at rather than a random catch and kill. On top of all his damage and grabs he also heals for half of his health for the duration of Take A Breather, which is better than having a Mercy attached to you all game (in my opinion).

9. Pharah

I was so tempted to place her higher on this "broken" list, but alas, she's really not as bad as I think she is (though, she's still awful to face off against). At long range you don't even need to be accurate with Pharah to get a kill, or even an easy Play of the Game. The splash damage on the rockets from her Rocket Launcher kinda reminds me of the radius of Mei's ultimate sometimes. If you want to be a real douche with Pharah, just lure someone to the edge and Concussive Blast them into the abyss. Though, her Rocket Barrage takes the cake, though it can be easily countered by a great tank or an amazing Zenyatta with the reflexes of a cat. Not so bad, but definitely an annoying person to have harassing you.

10. Hanzo

Now, I know you were all waiting for this hero to appear on this list, but I bet you didn't expect to see him this low on it. Hanzo is a really weak hero, all things considered, but he still made it into the top 10 for the abilities that make him such a great sniper. First of all, an uncharged body shot and a Scatter Arrow at the feet of a Roadhog finishes off the frightening tank in a matter of seconds. That Scatter Arrow is literally the most broken thing about this Shimada brother. Aimed correctly, it does additional damage when all the scattered pieces strike an opponent. His primary shot is just as scary as a Widowmaker's sniper even in the hands of an amateur (trust me, when I get headshots with Hanzo, I gasp. No skill involved, I just shoot randomly and people practically walk into my arrows.) His ultimate, though scary as hell, is easy to avoid. (I have yet to see a Genji deflect Hanzo's dragons like the the video, Blizzard. I need.)

There are my most broken picks for Overwatch Heroes. Comment if you disagree. I'd love to hear some thoughts about replacements in the top 10, or even a simple rearrangement.

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