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Hacker Salt Mines

E-sports Hackers; the scum of the Earth.

Hackers are the bane of every E-sports and casual player in the gaming world. Any individual that needs to cheat to be good at a game, discrediting the genuine skill of other players, need to either “get good” or get the fuck out. For those of you reading, I suggest you buckle up for one hell of a salty ride.

Ready. Set . Aimbot.

The value of an athlete in traditional sport is determined by their ability and natural skill in their respective field, the same goes for E-athletes. Players participate on a competitive level to dominate the opposition with their talent for the game, or as casual players to have fun. However, when cheaters come along they ruin the nature of the competition and the fun of game play. ​ As a player myself, it pisses me off.

Aim bot? Trigger bot? Nuking? Bunnyhop? All of it is complete bullshit.

The cowards that make up these cheats ruin gaming so that they can see their username or gamer-tag on leader boards or on the “play of the game” screen after an undeserved victory.

Honestly, my mother has better aim than those bastards and the only game she plays is Farmville.

If I wanted to be nice I would chalk the behavior of hackers up to “unsportsmanlike conduct,” but in the words of a good friend of mine “hackers are just unskilled pussies.” ​ They even have the nerve to share their hacks with the public to show off. ​ Many proclaimed hackers have claimed that “the game is boring without cheats,” “cheats enhance game play and make it more fun,” and “I suck without the hacks, so I need them to have a good time.” ​ Personally, I don't think that's quite enough justification to ruin the game for everyone else.

Juke This

Luckily, Blizzard is the real MVP here. In light of the growing hacker problem in E-sports and most online gaming they've promised a zero tolerance for cheaters.

Blizzard's got you in their sights, hackers.

Blizzard even let out an update last November that allows their rule-abiding players to help them weed out the cheaters by implementing a reporting system for people that find hackers in real time.

Here are some of the bitchy replies from those who were cowardly enough to cheat.

Really though, no matter how much Blizzard promises they really can't do anything about the competitive games that cheaters have already ruined and the rage that they induce. I really wish I had words for that feeling, but I'm at a loss for an appropriate description.


For the 10,000 hackers that have been caught this year, however, I can't think of a better word than “justice.”

Sweet, sweet justice for those of us that play by the rules, have fun while doing it, and are actually good at the game.

Hacker scrubs, I believe, are the literal cause of cancer and toxicity in games.

Leave it to the pro-programmers of the E-sports we play to enhance and perfect game play and dynamics.

Amateurs need to step off.

Seriously, get good or get out.

To be successful in any sport it takes the practice, dedication, and hard work from the athlete. Being an E-sport doesn't change that fact.

There is no easy way or short cuts here. Sucking at a game doesn't change if you use a hack or a cheat, it just serves to show just how lazy you are, how selfish you are, and just how much of a bitch you are. You still suck, you're just pretending you don't.

Good luck with that though.

Can't wait to see you on Blizzard's ban list.

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