In the most recent Overwatch update, patch 1.7, players received some changes including the Year of the Rooster event and some hardcore nerfs to characters like, Roadhog, and Ana. But hey, at least Sombra got some love.


Were the Patch 1.7 changes necessary?
- Kayla Ferrara
February 3, 2017   2:00 p.m.
Keywords: Overwatch, Blizzard, Esports, Tilt

Needless to say, these changes did little to put a stopper in the steady stream of salt coming from Overwatch players at previous patches to the game.

You could say that these players have become tilted, E-tilted.

As is becoming a theme with games that fall under the Esports umbrella, change is inevitable. Of course there are seasonal events, new characters added to the roster, different suggested play-styles, and certain predictable buffs and nerfs to the abilities of characters; some deserving, others...not so much.

It is the buffs to characters that are already too strong, and nerfs to characters that could really use a boost or no change at all that cause this epidemic of E-tilt.


So, lets take a look at the character changes made in patch 1.7.

One of the most annoying, yet lovable tanks in Overwatch. Not only is she a bullet sponge with (what seems to be) her excessive health and armor, but her defensive ability, Defense Matrix, that practically eats projectiles only frustrates players on the enemy team who are trying to get at the squishies.


I'm looking at you, Widowmaker.


However, as a teammate is one of the best tanks to hide behind and she can effortlessly clear a point with the click of a button and a “Nerf this!”

Why make any changes?'s what Blizzard did.


- Her health was decreased by half. (from 400 to 200)

- Her armor was doubled to compensate. (from 200 to 400)

- Her Fusion Cannon bullets do 2 damage instead of 3.

- And she now fires 11 bullets instead of 8 with each shot.

As a player myself, I felt some instantaneous E-tilt that they were messing with my favorite tank, but after playing around with her after the update it made her a more balanced character. There is more strategy involved in her play-style and it makes the player really think about when to go in and when to soak up the damage. Her shots are also more consistent now when it comes to damage, but this also made her a "hard engage" character.

You can still harass from afar, but as you're not nearly as scary until you get up close.
She definitely feels different in game, and I'm not sure if I like it or not.

Players have voiced their opinions.

At least they left her ultimate alone.


This guy was a hated character from release day for his ridiculously powerful Scrap Gun that can easily one-tap nearly any other character in the game, a hook that can not only reach unrealistically far, but also snatch enemy heroes from behind structures and even the payload. On top of it all his Take A Breather ability heals him for half his maximum health (which is 600 by the way) with a relatively low cooldown. Broken much?

This guy is not only a bullet-sponge, but he's a hero that other heroes run and hide from and hope that his hook doesn't somehow find them. It's usually a death sentence.


Though, as a Roadhog player, you gotta love that feeling when the enemy team runs in terror.


But of course, they had to change him. (Though, he did need some adjustments)


The biggest change they made to Roadhog's kit was his hook in particular.


- Targets are now pulled directly in front of him.

- Targets can now escape, if hooked, if they leave Roadhog's line-of-sight before the pull.

- The hit-chance is now determined from where the big guy is, instead of where his hook lands.

Personally, I liked these changes to Roadhog a lot. It makes hooking enemy heroes more tactical and keeps Roadhog players honest while still allowing for that “hook equals death” dynamic to him. Players now have to actually aim instead of just covering their eyes and throwing out his hook with the hope of catching something.


It was a very subtle change, but Roadhog needed it desperately. He feels much more balanced, less broken, but just as powerful.


See for yourself.


Poor, poor, Ana.

As the one precision healer in the game, she was a hero that Blizzard should have left alone.
As you all know, Ana can fire healing shots on allies and damage-over-time shots at enemies, so it's particularly difficult to be a “damaging” member of the team when your teammates continuously body-block your shots at enemies, or demanding healing while jumping around which makes it difficult to hit them (Support Struggles).

They've made healing for her even more difficult.


- Now, her Biotic Grenade health boost on allies has been reduced by half.

- And the effect now only lasts 4 seconds.


Honestly, I don't think she needed such a harsh nerf especially with the type of hero she is. (If any support character needs a nerf, it's Symmetra.)


She used to be a healer that offered support from afar, but could still get in the thick of a team-fight and save the day, but I suppose her play-style is a little more strategic and her allies will have to watch their health bars.




As I mentioned earlier, Sombra finally got some love. She was a particularly difficult champion to play because she's meant as an infiltrator, but she's particularly squishy and had a lot of disadvantages to her play-style, including her Hack.


She got a subtle buff, but it improved her greatly.

- She can now Hack .2 seconds faster than before

- And the cooldown has been reduced by 4 whole seconds

These tiny changes made a huge improvement to her kit and made her more of a presence in the field. Now, she can shut down dangerous enemy heroes, deny recovery points, and pick of squishies from behind enemy lines with ease.


Slightly less E-tilted, but E-tilted nonetheless.

How about a Reaper nerf? Zarya? Get your head in the game Blizzard.